Check and Inject Epinephrine Program

Review Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems, Policy 17-06 Syringe Epinephrine for Basic EMTs

Establish written policies and procedures with your agency physician medical director:

  • Syringe Epinephrine Operating Policies and Procedures – sample
  • written policy and procedure for the use of 1cc syringe. 23-gauge, 1-inch intra­ muscular safety needle and single dose 1:1000 epinephrine packaged in a 1 mg/ml vial.
  • a description of how the “check and inject supplies will be stored, secured and maintained.
  • a plan for proper post usage disposal of contaminated supplies.
  • establishment of an administrative program of Q/A and post use reporting to the agency physician medical director.
  • upon approval of the Southern Tier Regional Medical Advisory Committee, hands-on training and annual continuing education may be scheduled through EMSTAR.
  • written policy for the required training program, continuing education and maintenance of competencies of all providers (minimum of basic EMT) – sample